e-Learning Content Development

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What You Will Learn:
– Camera Handling.
– Indoor and Outdoor Videography.
– Lighting Setup.
– Green Screen
– Video editing.
– HD Rendering.
– Flash animation.

Open to everyone from any IPTA/IPTS or Giat Mara or Kolej Komuniti who have multimedia, or animation or videography experience and highly interest to proceed with specialty in videography and animation Learning Object for e-Learning industry.

2 months (8 weeks) full time 9:00 am – 06:00 pm daily 6 days/ week

Training Location:
UUM, Sintok, Kedah.

Training Fee:
FREE with all training material, lodging, and meal provided.

Training Allowance:
RM 500.00 monthly.

Training Activities:

Week 1 – 4 | Explore Production Skill and Technique.

From pre-production, production to post-production. At the same time, students will learn a fundamental film and television production skill and knowledge in a range of media equipment at both operational and technical.

The concept and execution of communicating screen stories to a reader. Understanding the language of screenplay, script formats, conventions of narrative structure, and so forth.

Familiarize with all the skills necessary to be a director of photography and videographer. Manipulating a range of media tools and translate screenplays into films by capturing images, movement and pace.

Explore necessary skills of final production requirement such as color correction, edit rough cut, work with director on final cut, sound design, final sound mix, render and create a DVD and webfilm.

Week 5 – 7 | Enhance More Production Experience.

LO Type 1: Experimental.
Explore visual textures, composition, color, lighting, motion, audio, camera movement and effects. Use in-camera editing to create this video.

LO Type 2: Short Fiction.
Gain insight to an author’s skillful development of character, plot, setting, theme, tone, and point of view in a work of producing short fiction through a study.

LO Type 3: Documentary.
Experience on how to blend footage and script into meaningful emotional content elements with the narration and the placement of visual support materials.

Week 8 | Judgement Day.

– Performance/Competency Evaluation.
– Profiling
– Job Pitching/Interview
– Graduation Day.

How to apply:
email your request to latihan1malaysia@yahoo.com
or call me at +6013 526 6000

Sample of Learning Object.