3D Visualization Architecture Walk-through

What You Will Learn:
This 2 months full time special training will be the first all in one comprehensive prestigious training practice available in Malaysia, with combination of architectural and Interior visualiser, 3D modeling, special effect and animation; to produced high skilled demanding job profile as 3D Architectural Visualiser Artist/Designer which able to convert architectural design into 3D realistic end result creative walk-through and fly-through perspective.

Maximized your skill with architects industry base tool such as AutoCAD, SketchUp Pro, Vray and Lumion.

Open to everyone from any IPTA/IPTS or Giat Mara or Kolej Komuniti who had;
– Certificate in Multimedia or Animation.
– Certificate in Interior Design.
– Certificate in Architecture Drawing.

2 months (8 weeks) full time 9:00 am – 06:00 pm daily 6 days/ week

Training Location:
Bangkok, Thailand.

Training Fee:
FREE with all training material, lodging, and meal provided.

Training Allowance:
RM500.00 monthly.

How to apply:
email your request to latihan1malaysia@yahoo.com
or call me at +6013 526 6000

Training Activities:

Stage 1:
Collection of information such as AutoCAD drawings and photographs of the project, videos, Images, Perspectives, reference materials, target audience, objectives and end results expected.

Stage 2:
Review and analysis of the information collected, study the highlights or USPs of the projects. Evolve the right strategy and the right action plan that assures the best output.

Stage 3:
Develop the script / storyboard for the Walkthrough keeping in mind all the above objectives. The script will provide insight into the Layout, lighting, camera paths and all the other key components of the project.

Stage 4:
Develop the Camera paths, which include direction of camera, areas to be highlighted and important features.

Stage 5:
Develop required layout with landscape.

Stage 6:
As per the collected information students need to develops the model (Mesh) with accuracy & perfection.

Stage 7:
Modeling and apply textures as per the requirement for realistic look.

Stage 8:
Adding appropriate lighting to enhance the look of the place and adding shadows for more realistic touch.

Stage 9:
3D Rendering of various shots of the 3D Walkthrough as per the storyboard.

Stage 10:
Professional voice over according to the approved script if needed will be recorded.

Stage 11:
select a powerful music from the stock to match to the mood and ambience of the project.

Stage 12:
Integration of various camera shots with the voice, music and effects.

Stage 13:
Rendering of the compiled Walkthrough for review.

Stage 14:
Review of the First Cut. Quality checks to ensure high quality is maintained at all stages.

Stage 15:
Rendering of the Final compiled Walkthrough (after corrections if any) for Final Delivery.

Sample of 3D Visualization Architecture Walk-through of Fly-through