3D Animation Crash Course.

10 days [Weekday or weekend | 09:00 am – 05:00 pm]

Good skill of using computer and highly interest in 3D animation.

Training Fee:
RM 2,800.00 (excluding meal, transportation and lodging).

Training Material:

Are you fascinated by the moving images or inspired by 3D imagery? Do you want a career in 3D animation production? Then this training is the ideal launching pad for you. During our 10 days training, you’ll be introduce to Blender as most popular open source software in world standard for 3D animation.

What You Will Learn.
Day 1:    Introduction Day.
Day 2:    Project 1 | Your First Animation – Walk, run, jump and fall circle.
Day 4:    Lighting and Camera Setting.
Day 5:    Completing Project 1.
Day 6:    Project 2 | 90 sec. Animation Reel – Human and non-human character.
Day 10:  Judgement Day and Certification.

This is where you’ll learn from the basics principles of animation cycle and rendering. Then compose with some effect with lighting, camera positioning and audio to produce something more interesting or if you have more idea and creativity, maybe it will end-up something more valuable for your own list of portfolio.

Computer and software just a tools, learn how to manipulate the tools to accumulate into high value skill.

Happy Blending ~

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